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Posted by on Jun 1, 2011

Hiking along the coast is beautiful…

When visiting St Francis one should do some “day walks” along the coast.  The beautiful two harbour walk starts at the Granny’s Pool and finishes at Port St Francis, where you can relax at one of the restaurants.  From Port St Francis you can walk to the Lighthouse in Cape St Francis, but do take enough water as it can take up to three hours to finish the walk.  From the Lighthouse to the Wild Side are many foot paths that you can follow at your own leisure.   The Irma Booysen Reserve links Cape St Francis with St Francis and don’t forget the unspoilt beaches, preferably during low tide as well as a lovely walk up up the Sand River.  The Sand River was the home to Khoisan some 2 000 years ago, and middens can still be spotted.  Please leave these archeological sites intact, or contact new discoveries to Kobus Reichert on 042 296-2096, the representative of the local Gamtkwa group.