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Kite Boarding

Posted by on Jun 1, 2011

You’ll often see the kites at the Kromme river mouth or Cape St Francis beaches, with kite boarders playing in the waves.

  • Contact:  Arno Seyfert
  • Cell:  082 507 8887 or 042 293 3944

What are kite boarding lessons about?

Lessons are held on one of our lagoons in Paradise Beach.

The lessons consist of:

1.  A theoretical part, which covers safety, self rescue, rigging and right of way

2.  Kite control on the beach

3.  Body dragging in the water.

4.  Getting on the board.

This takes usually 3-5 hours @ R280/hour including all material.

From this stage I find it is more efficient to just practice with your own kite and just get a hint now and then.

I do only individual lessons for safety reasons.

It is better to buy a kite only once you had lessons.

Most holidays and long weekends Hans Berger is a familiar face at St Francis Bay’s most popular kite boarding sites.  Contact him for equipment or lesson on

Kite Boarding