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Routes for mountain biking and other sporting codes

Posted by on Jan 24, 2013

St Francis Sport has earmarked a few routes suitable for mountian biking, hiking and running through the nature reserves and along the coast line.  St Francis Sport has worked together with FOSTER (Friends of the Nature Reserves), the Kouga Municipality as well as the Department of Environmental Affairs to establish the best routes with the least impact on the environment, especially where mountainbiking is involved.

Some areas are in desperate need of maintenance before these routes can be clearly marked and is a priority.  St Francis Sport has obtained permission from the Kouga Municipality to erect signs throughout the Village indicating safe running and cycling routes, as well as swimming and paddling routes on the canals.  It is also envisaged that these routes be printed on maps for the visitor to the area.

Cycle routes and namesCycle routes and names

Cycle routes and names