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Bestmed Chokka Trail Run route descriptions and elevations

Posted by on May 25, 2018

Invitational 62km

Invitational 62km

The Bestmed Chokka Trail route follows the shoreline from the Cape St Francis Resort to Mostertshoek past the Seal Point Lighthouse. From the last house in Mostertshoek turn up the road (away from the shoreline) and into the Eskom Nature Reserve, where the 62km and 42km runners will continue through the coastal thicket and forest to Dune Ridge Country House.

At Duneridge Country House the 62km runners continue through the Eskom Nature Reserve to Thysbaai and Oyster Bay. The Eskom sliding gate, at around 30km, will serve as a cut off point (time to be decided by the Race Director on race day, taking weather conditions into account).

They then will tackle the 16km dunes of the Sand River back to Dune Ridge Country House, and down to the Mostertshoek Road.

However, at Duneridge Country House the 42km runners will continue on the dirt road before they turn into the Sand River for a short 6km of dunes. They will then run pass the Duneridge waterpoint again, before they turn back to the Mostershoek Road, and meet the 23km runners at the sliding gate on the R330 into St Francis Field.
All distances will have to check in to the Dirk Ellis Waterpoint at Port St Francis before they can continue via Shark Point back to the Resort.

23 km

23 km

There will be well stocked water points at each 5km interval although the 62km runners will have to prepare themselves for two unsupported 15km stretches – between Dune Ridge Country House and the waterpoint at the Eskom gate, and again between the sliding gate and Dune Ridge Country House, this time on the Sand River section. The 42km runners will have an unsupported 12km between the Duneridge waterpoint. The route will be well marked and 62km and 42km runners will receive Strava data for a large portion of the race and must download the ORGSU tracking app.

Although there will be well stocked waterpoints, each runner must carry at least 1l water, a head lamp, space blanket and whissle.

The event is organised by St Francis Sport and 3 fun races will be in aid of the Aurora Rehabilitation Centre in Port Elizabeth.