St Francis Sport Events

Connecting People through Sport

About Us

St Francis Sport promotes all sporting activities available to visitors and residents of the greater St Francis.  All upcoming sporting events are listed in our calendar and information on all sporting activities available in the area with contact details can be found on this website.

St Francis Sport connects people through sport, with the aim to better the sporting facilities of the area and the development of sport under juniors and previously disadvantaged groups.

We are working closely with the Kouga Municipality to upgrade existing facilities to the benefit of our residents and visitors and to the advantage of our sports clubs.  We promote all calendar events equally.

We focus on the competitive as well as the recreational sports person, with the focus on family orientated sporting events.

We aim to have regular monthly sporting events such as paddling, trail running and walking, mountain biking, fishing, squash, tennis and multi-sports.  Annual events include the Bestmed Chokka Trail Run, the quadrathlon, an international squash tournament as well as the summer sporting series between 16 December and 3 January.

We believe our events encourage visitors to return again and again, and ultimately to invest here.

Proceeds from sporting events are used for the development of all the different sporting codes, whether it is equipment, improvement of facilities, specialised projects, and coaching of development sport.

We would like to encourage as many home and business owners in St Francis Bay to get involved in our quest and welcome sponsorship of any kind.

Our Mission Statement is

  • To connect people and sport in the greater St Francis
  • To focus on the development of sport, specifically under juniors and in the previously disadvantaged communities
  • To promote St Francis as the preferred sporting destination
  • To promote all sporting codes in St Francis
  • To coordinate sporting events and festivals for the greater St Francis and Kouga Region